William J Connacher

Materials Science and Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering

University of California San Diego

William J Connacher
PhD student

William "Bill" Connacher is PhD student (soon to be PhD candidate) at University of California San Diego performing research in the Medically Advanced Devices Laboratory under Prof. James Friend. He received a BS in Engineering Physics from University of California Berkeley. Before joining MADLab, he did research at Argonne National Laboratory with Dr. Ali Erdemir in the department of Tribology for 1 year and worked at a small micro-opt-fluidics company, Glint Inc, for another year. He received an Honorable Mention from National Science Foundation for the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP).

His current work centers on micro-scale acoustofluidic phenomena and their applications. Specifically, projects involving droplet ejection and atomization, where the aim is to control droplet size distribution and/or spatial distribution of liquids.