Xiangzhen Yan

Department of Periodontology

School & Hospital of Stomatology, Tongji University

Xiangzhen Yan

Xiangzhen Yan is a periodontist in the Department of Periodontology, School & Hospital of Stomatology, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

In 2002, she was enrolled in School of Stomatology, Shandong University, where she received basic education and graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2007. In the same year she was recommended to enter the graduate school in Department of Periodontology, Shandong University, where she was awarded her first Doctor degree in Clinical Science of Stomatology in 2013.

In October of 2010, she joined a cooperative project financially supported by China Scholarship Council, and started her second PhD study in Medical Science in the Department of Biomaterials at Radboudumc, the Netherlands. Her main research interests are in the area of bone and periodontal tissue regeneration utilising tissue engineering based- treatment approaches. Some of the results were presented in several international conferences among which were: International Society of Differentiation Conference 'Stem Cells, Development and Regulation' (NIRM, Amsterdam, 2012), Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society-Asial Pacific (TERMIS-AP, Shanghai, 2013), and the 5th international tissue engineering conference (Kos, 2014), where she received an Aegean Conference Travel Award. In September of 2014, she received her second Doctor degree in Medical Science from Radboud University, the Netherlands.

Since October 2014 she worked as a teacher and dentist in School & Hospital of Stomatology, Tongji University, continuing the clinical work as well as her research in periodontal tissue regeneration.

List of publications

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Formation of Human Periodontal Ligament Cell Spheroids on Chitosan Films

1Department of Periodontology, School & Hospital of Stomatology, Tongji University, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Tooth Restoration and Regeneration, 2Department of Periodontology, Dental Diseases Prevention & Treatment Center of Jiading District, 3College of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji University

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