Xianyong Liu

Veterinary Parasitology Department

China Agricultural University

Xianyong Liu
Associate Professor

Xianyong Liu is an Associate Professor in the Veterinary Parasitology Department, College of Veterinary Medicine of China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing. He received his undergraduate degree and a Ph.D. from this university.

During Dr. Xianyong’s training he optimized the protocol for the development of transient and stable transfection of Eimeria tenella, a protozoa causing cecal coccidiosis in chicken. As a post-doctoral fellow (2012 to 2013) in Prof James Lok’s lab at Pathobiology Department, University of Pennsylvania, US, he tried the TALEN tool in Strongyloides stecoralis.

Dr. Xianyong was enrolled as a lecturer at CAU. His research program encompasses eimerian parasites of chicken and rabbits to develop molecular tools for the genetic manipulation of these parasites, as well as to develop vaccines based on the genetically modified eimerian parasites.