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Yan Burelle

Yan Burelle is Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa. He obtained in PhD in Physiology at the University of Montreal in 2000. After completing a postdoctoral stay at the University on British Columbia, he returned to the University of Montreal in 2003 where he set up his lab. In 2016 he moved to the University of Ottawa where he now holds the University Research Chair in Integrative Mitochondrial Biology

Yan Burelle’s primary interest is to better understand the complex mechanisms linking mitochondrial biology to health and disease. Using basic research tools and models, and non-invasive translational approaches, his lab is focused on capturing the diversity and dynamics of mitochondrial (dys)functions in the context of skeletal muscles, cardiomyopathies, and genetic mitochondrial diseases. Tools are also developed with the goal of improving translation of knowledge into clinical applications such as biomarkers that will serve to advance the diagnosis and monitoring of complex diseases.

Yan Burelle’s lab has received uninterrupted funding by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC) for over 14 years. He was also awarded the Merck Frost New Investigator Award and the Pfizer Cardiovascular Research Award for the excellence of his research.