How You Can GeneratePositive ROI

Are you helping your company make new medical breakthroughs?
Is your information center/digital library helping your scientists save time and company resources?
Are you generating a positive ROI with your initiatives?
Are you delivering competitive intelligence to your company?
Are you aligning your initiatives with your R&D and corporate goals?

How JoVE's Peer-Reviewed Video Protocols Can Help Your Company

Your scientists can watch over 10,000 video articles published from some of the world's top laboratories, anywhere, anytime. With JoVE videos, your scientists will:

  • Avoid wasting months creating a protocol that has already been proven and published
  • Maximize their productivity levels
  • Optimize training time (cope with high staff turnover)
  • Demonstrate and learn (new) standard scientific protocols & techniques proficiently
  • Seamlessly generate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to perform new techniques
  • Generate reliable and reproducible data
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Raise public visibility
Biotech Package
  • Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Usage for All Users
  • Company-Wide Access
  • 5 Journal Sections
  • 5 Training Series
JoVE Unlimited
  • Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Usage for All Users
  • Company-Wide Access
  • Full Access to JoVE
    • 13 Journal Sections
    • 8 Training Series
  • No Restrictions/Turnaways
  • 3-Year Reduced Renewal Rate
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