Introducing the 2021 JoVE Science Education & Research Innovation Awards…

Supriya Kamath
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We’re excited to announce the 2021 JoVE Innovation Awards!

This past year has been one of great disruption, but also one of great innovation. Faced with novel challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the science research and education community has quickly adapted in new and exciting ways. New systems, mechanisms, and methodologies have been developed to cope with the transition from on-campus to remote and hybrid learning, and the ongoing return to in-person activities.

The 2021 JoVE Science Education and Research Innovation Awards aim to recognize and celebrate creative solutions developed by instructors, librarians and researchers worldwide to meet these challenges. This year’s awards comprise three categories: 

JoVE in Innovation Instruction Award
JoVE Librarian Innovation Award
JoVE Researcher Innovation Award

Up to $1,500 (USD) will be awarded per winner in the form of reimbursement for professional development opportunities. 3 winners will be selected globally in each category, as follows: 

  • One recipient from the United States, Latin America, or Canada
  • One recipient from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East
  • One recipient from Asia, Australia, or New Zealand

We’re excited to read about the creative approaches you deployed to adapt to the unprecedented changes of the past year. The deadline for your application is July 15, 2021. Learn all about the submission process and other award details at