1,000+ and Growing: Academic Libraries Increase JoVE Adoption

Eglantine Ronfard
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Looking to advance their research and learning, more than 6 million scientists and students annually visit our website to access our unique library of 9,000 science videos. As the number of these visitors grows —  university and college libraries are responding to this swelling demand by buying more JoVE institutional subscriptions.

Already, 1,000-plus academic institutions currently subscribe to JoVE. In just this past July and August:

  • 16 institutions acquired their first subscriptions to JoVE
  • 20 institutions expanded their existing subscription to include newer JoVE products

Demand for JoVE Grows Globally

Among these subscribing institutions are large universities and academic research centers through the United States and Europe. They include:

Richter Library on the campus of the University of Miami

Who Subscribes to JoVE?

Currently, we’re seeing an increase in the subscriptions for four-year colleges. They show a particular interest in the JoVE Science Education library of videos. Among the most recent subscribers to the education series are: Angelo State University, Southwestern Adventist University and Regis College.

Scientists at Moderna Therapeutics

JoVE also attracts subscribers from outside of the academic community: There are top biotech and research tool companies seeing benefits from JoVE, as well. Among our new corporate subscribers are Moderna Therapeutics and Agilent Technologies.

Academic libraries’ increased JoVE adoption enables more and more researchers to quickly learn new technologies and rapidly advance their work. For instance, as this case study and video demonstrate, a lab manager at UCLA, Valerie Rezek, uses JoVE to advance her lab’s animal research program. JoVE training videos enabled her to more efficiently and quickly teach new mouse-handling procedures, saving her lab thousands of dollars and hours.

The boost in research efficiency and cost savings is a main driver of the adoption of JoVE by academic libraries. Stay tuned, as we continue to update you about ongoing and future JoVE adoption trends.