5 Tips to Engage and Educate Your Science Students

Ian Murphy
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It can be difficult to get science students out of the lab and into the library. Yet, these students have as much of a need for your libraryʼs resources as any other patron. No one librarian can help every early-career scientist: success requires contributions from the entire library staff, the faculty, and the students themselves.

At JoVE, our mission is to work with librarians to advance scientific learning and research. So here are 5 tips to better engage and educate the undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs who need your help.

5 Tips To Engage and Educate Your Science Students (1)

Tip #1. Tailor messaging for mobile phones

If youʼre communicating with students, assume theyʼll be seeing it on their smartphone. Today, 70% of all web traffic comes via mobile phones, and that holds true for Facebook and YouTube too…

Tip #2. Find allies and engage students on their turf

Word of mouth has long been the most powerful marketing tool for any product or service. Your biggest asset will be students who understand the libraryʼs value…

Tip #3. Meet faculty halfway – or 99% of the way if thatʼs what it takes

It shouldnʼt come as a surprise that students are most engaged when theyʼre in the classroom, so do whatever it takes to present to them there…

Tip #4. Your strategy for graduate students and postdocs

Science-focused graduate students have little time to escape from the research lab, respond to social media posts, or show up for food and fun events…

Tip #5. Be aware of unique needs of international students

International students earn 11.6% of all doctorates conferred by U.S. colleges and universities, according to a 2015 report from the Pew Research Center, but they receive a much higher percentage of doctorates in STEM fields…


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