Biogen Saves $100K/1,400 Hours in Training Using JoVE

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Dr. Raja Sriperumbudur is a Director of Research and Development at Biogen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Find out how his research group saved $100,000 and 1,400 hours after it adopted JoVE Video Journal.

scientist looking at microscopeChallenge:

Dr. Raja Sriperumbudur manages a lab of 15 technical staff members, all of whom need to continuously familiarize themselves with cutting-edge techniques.

It typically takes 36 hours to train each lab member on a single new technique. If a training resource is unavailable, Dr. Sriperumbudur often is forced to send a staff member to a remote lab location to learn the desired technique, or fly someone in to his lab to teach the technique. Either of these options adds an average of 32 hours and $4,600 in travel and lodging, just to learn a single technique.


Dr. Sriperumbudur greatly benefited from JoVE during his previous job at NIH, so he introduced JoVE Video Journal as a training resource to his lab at Biogen.

Dr. Sriperumbudur said:

  • For every new technique his team needs to learn, JoVE saves 20% time and resources – cumulatively the Biogen team can save up to 108 work hours and $5,400 every time it uses JoVE Video Journal to learn an experimental procedure.
  • Staff members training with JoVE videos instead of traveling or flying in a trainer from a remote lab save an average of 32 hours and $4,600 for every new technique they learn with JoVE.


Factoring in just 10 of the most frequently-used JoVE videos in Dr. Sriperumbudur’s lab, JoVE saves Biogen:

  • 1,080 hours and $54,000 in training of 15 technical staff members
  • 320 hours and $46,000 in travel costs to a remote lab location 

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If you are a scientist, administrator or librarian looking to save your lab time, money and resources, consider adding JoVE to your organization.

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