JoVE Kicks Off STEM Library Survey Series

Marc Songini
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Did you know that some three-fourths of STEM librarians believe that holding in-person meetings and consultations is the most effective way to interact with their faculty constituents? Neither did we, until we began our STEM Library Survey Series earlier this summer. Now we’re ready to share the first batch of results with you.

JoVE proudly sits at the center of libraries, scientific research and STEM classrooms. Our videos are born out of decades of combined experience in a wide range of scientific fields. More than 25,000 faculty members, researchers and students visit our site daily.

We also talk to librarians daily — even if they might not always want to hear from us — to learn how to help assist them in their duties and better connect them with their STEM patrons. With all those connections in mind, this summer we’re gathering information from the hundreds of thousands of JoVE Community members to learn more about the state of STEM librarianship, straight from the mouths of librarians, faculty and students.

Librarians Tell It Like It Is

For our first survey, conducted in June 2018, we asked science librarians to discuss a variety of professional topics. These included the advantages of having a scientific degree while serving a very demanding science-oriented community. Another topic was the most effective way to interact with faculty. And more.

The JoVE survey drew 250-plus librarians from a variety of academic institutions from around the world. These librarians self-identified as working (primarily) in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. Their titles included those of liaison, subject, and reference librarians. We’ll be publishing the results over the course of this summer, and conducting two more surveys along the way: to faculty in August, and to students in September.

Our survey topics covered include:

  • Which sources most improved the professional development of science librarians
  • The role of social networks in reshaping librarians’ roles
  • Recent librarians outreach programs
  • Librarian-faculty common interest area

To see the first batch of results, come here and read our weekly blogs outlining the data from our survey answers, as well as commentary from members of our Librarian Contributors Network. Perhaps you want to comment?