Librarians Need Institutional Buy-In to Promote Reproducibility

Eglantine Ronfard
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It’s estimated that only around 20% of published research can be reproduced by other research labs. Does that mean 80% of research is wrong? No, thankfully. What it means is that scientists are spending more of their time and resources trying to replicate research, which translates to as much as $28 billion each year in experimental trial-and-error findings.

Librarians have the skills and are positioned within their institutions to help guide your researchers. A growing number of academic and medical librarians are already stepping forward to provide assistance in reproducibility; here are five tips to help newcomers interested in taking up the fight.

Tip # 5 Get Support from Your Colleagues and Institution

No matter how determined you are to lead your institution towards reproducible research, without the right connections and support it may be hard to get your message heard. 

Connect with your colleagues (preferably with high-level researchers or administrators) and gain their buy-in. Encourage them to speak out! With senior leadership support, your reproducibility endeavors will gain higher visibility and have a greater chance of success.

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