Make a Wish for a JoVE Video: The Story of Dr. Lyra

Supriya Kamath
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In a chemistry lab, in a land far away,
our friend Dr. Lyra and all her lab members
are working away on a very special project
to spread some light and cheer this December.

See, the story began with a dropped video call,
with video so distorted, audio so unclear,
and it began at a research conference 
that was conducted virtually this year.

Legend says that the brilliant Dr. Lyra
and her collaborator had been presenting
their method for nanoparticle synthesis,
when her wifi started failing.

‘I’m sorry, everyone, remote has been hard,’
Lyra sighed once the presentation was done.
Messages of agreement flooded the video chat —
‘It’s been a year of all work and no fun.’

This stayed with Lyra, and then she had an idea:
Why not spread some holiday cheer?
Why not do something for scientists worldwide
at the end of this difficult year?

Why not use the light of science and knowledge, 
to brighten up the season’s dark nights? 
Like a chemiluminescent reaction in a test tube,
lighting up her lab like a fluorescent flashlight.

And that’s why Dr. Lyra wants to give you free access
to a JoVE video of your choice this holiday season!*
All you have to do is make a wish and let her know
which video you need, no matter the reason.

And if the light from her test tube guides her to it, 
Dr. Lyra might just make your wish come true!
But just to be sure, send us your wish via email or social media* 
We’re very excited to hear from you.

*By contacting us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat or over email, you can receive free access to the video of your choice until January 15. Have a wonderful holiday, and a happy and healthy year ahead!