Alaska: Not Only Moose and Bears, but also a lot of Good Science

Moshe Pritsker
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When you hear ‘Alaska’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Moose and bears, salmon and glaciers, oil pipelines and snow? Perhaps. But in addition to the famous Iditarod sled race, Alaska is also home to a number of prestigious academic institutions doing advanced research in various areas of biological science. Take the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, for example, which has labs doing research on topics ranging from cancer to neuroscience.

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Travelling around the Last Frontier can be nearly impossible unless you have a snowmobile. And trips from this relatively isolated corner of the globe to visit places around the world can be excessively expensive. Such remoteness can be a challenge when it comes to learning new technologies, which are often developed in research hubs like Massachusetts and California.

Fear not, JoVE is here to help!

With JoVE, the Drew Lab at UA Fairbanks was able to eliminate 6 months of trial and error by using video articles to train new student researchers. They were able to maximize their efficiency at the bench which is key, because more hours of sunlight per day doesn’t necessarily mean there are more hours for experimentation. So if you happen to work in a lab far from the traditional centers of academia like Boston and San Francisco, don’t despair. Watch JoVE and it will be like you are learning from the experts first hand.

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