Top Reasons to Subscribe: 

  • Cut research materials costs
  • Save time in the lab
  • Inspire cross-discipline learning and discoveries

JoVE Unlimited

A single license that encompasses all current and future JoVE video resources. JoVE publishes more than 1,200 videos annually across the 13 sections of the JoVE Video Journal and launches new subject series and collections to the JoVE Science Education Library several times a year. JoVE Unlimited subscribers gain access to all new content as it is released.

  • Gives patrons access to both the fundamental teaching building blocks of common laboratory techniques and the newest, cutting-edge experiments
  • Best value package; simplified and streamlined pricing structure
  • Immediate access to all new scientific techniques and methodologies
  • Ensures coverage of cross-disciplinary research topics

JoVE Pay Per Hour

The Pay Per Hour subscription option gives scientists and researchers at your company all of the JoVE content they need in order to advance their research and improve their efficiency in the lab? 

  • Choose total amount of viewing hours in advance
  • Includes access 7,000+ of JoVE's Video Journal articles instantly
  • Includes access to 20 JoVE Science Education Library collections
  • Subscription includes all new content as it is added
  • Calculates video viewing time only
  • Receive usage notifications at 50% and 90%

JoVE Customized

Perfect for smaller or more specialized programs and institutions, JoVE Customized provides video resources from both the JoVE Video Journal and the JoVE Science Education Library at your discretion.

We work with you to tailor your content package specifically for your organization's programs and research profile.


More than 1,000 of the world's foremost institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Edinburgh, St. Andrew’s, Cambridge, University College London and Manchester have subscribed to JoVE. To get a full list of our current subscribers, please visit our Subscribed Institutions page.