Curated Content for Chicago Public Schools Summer Learning

JoVE is the leading science education video provider for STEM instruction offering videos which:

  • improve STEM instruction through visual learning
  • feature high-impact animations and visualized real-life experimentations
  • enable quick, in-depth comprehension of science concepts for grades 8-12

In response to the quick-pivot to remote learning due to COVID-19, JoVE is offering complimentary access to all its educational video content through August for all Chicago Public Schools.

→ To get access to all Science Education videos unlocked for CPS, please login to JoVE or create an account with your institutional email address.

Check out JoVE education videos curated for Chicago Public Schools below:

Chemical Reactions and Phase Changes

Nutrition, Health, Viruses, Immunology

Environmental Systems and Cause-Effect Relationships



Energy Content

Mechanical Engineering

Structural Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Solubility, Freezing Point Depression, Density