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Kelly Marie Blanchat

Teaching & Outreach Librarian, Yale University
Kelly Marie Blanchat is the Undergraduate Teaching & Outreach Librarian at Yale University Library. She works with undergraduate students to develop their information literacy skills, including information retrieval and critical evaluation skills. She recently launched Yale Library’s initiative to develop video tutorials to support students working remotely and to make research tools more accessible. Ms. Blanchat hold a Masters of Library and Information Science from Long Island University, a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, and has studied Digital Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Kelly previously worked as the Electronic Resources Support Librarian at Yale Library, as the Electronic Resources Librarian at Queens College (CUNY), and as an Account Specialist at SpringerNature. In her free time she writes proposals to Unicode for new emojis (you can thank her for such emojis as skunk, sloth, ladder, shorts, and briefs) with the goal to make emojis more inclusive, diverse, and global.

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