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6.6: Fundamentals of Nursing Process II

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Fundamentals of Nursing Process II

6.6: Fundamentals of Nursing Process II

There are several characteristics related to delivering nursing care. One vital characteristic of the nursing process is that it can be used to protect nurses and justify the provided care. Productive use of the nursing process requires the knowledge and skills of nurses to assess and solve issues. Nurses should develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills and evidence-based nursing interventions to improve their skills in formulating nursing care plans. A well-defined approach to patient care in the nursing process leads to organized and systematic patient care delivered efficiently.

Goal-directed care is a part of nursing care to achieve desired patient outcomes. Goals are established through the collaborative efforts of nurses and interdisciplinary teams. Planning patient care is necessary to recognize all health problems and risk factors and prioritize patient care accordingly. The nursing process is dynamic and influenced by the patient's requirements, situations impacting the requirements, and the environment. It includes emotional, physical, social, and medical aspects. From the time of hospitalization until discharge from care, the dynamics of the nursing care process continue to evolve because each step in the process is interrelated.


Nursing Process Critical Thinking Evidence-based Practice Nursing Care Plan Goal-directed Care Patient Outcomes Interdisciplinary Team Patient Care Planning Dynamic Nursing Process

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