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Magnetic Tweezers for the Measurement of Twist and Torque

Magnetic Tweezers for the Measurement of Twist and Torque

Article DOI: 10.3791/51503-v 11:41 min May 19th, 2014
May 19th, 2014



Magnetic tweezers, a powerful single-molecule manipulation technique, can be adapted for the direct measurements of the twist (using a configuration called freely-orbiting magnetic tweezers) and torque (using a configuration termed magnetic torque tweezers) in biological macromolecules. Guidelines for performing such measurements are given, including applications to the study of DNA and associated nucleo-protein filaments.


Single-molecule Techniques Force Spectroscopy Magnetic Tweezers Torque Measurement Twist Measurement Freely-orbiting Magnetic Tweezers Magnetic Torque Tweezers
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