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Eric Brian Kmiec

Dr. Eric B. Kmiec is the Founder and Director of the Gene Editing Institute at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute at Christiana Care Health System. His translational research focuses on gene editing, specifically using CRISPR, to catalyze genetic reengineering. Dr. Kmiec holds faculty appointments at the University of Delaware, the Wistar Institute and Georgetown University. His laboratory has been continuously supported by the National Institute of Health grants with other funding from the National Science Foundation, the NIST-BIRD Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, among many others. Dr. Kmiec has been the primary thesis advisor for 18 PhD doctoral students as a full, tenured Professor at the University of Delaware and is the founder of two biotechnology companies. He serves on five editorial boards, has authored 160 peer-reviewed publications, as primary or senior author, and edited several books on gene therapy. Dr. Kmiec has 15 issued patents and has received service medals and awards, including the Genome Canada Lectureship, the Proudford Research Award and the PICC Life Science Innovator Award in 2018. Dr. Kmiec was named an Honorary Commander at Dover Air Force Base and an Eminent Scholar at Marshall University.

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