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Top 10 Finalists from JoVE’s Film Your Research Contest

Our first ever international video contest, attracted early career researchers from hundreds of institutions around the world, to submit a two-minute video featuring their research projects. The competition was fierce; several great entries demonstrated cool scientific research in diverse fields.

Here we present the top ten videos which scored the highest and announced as finalists for the popular choice award. We encourage our readers to share their favorite videos from the list on social media using the hashtag #FilmYourResearch and tagging @JoVEJournal. To skip down to 15 of our favorite videos that weren't finalists, click here.

Using an AFM to Scan Nanoscale DNA Circuits

By Simon Vecchioni

First Prize Winner

NASA Graduate Researcher

Columbia University, USA


Translating Science to Hope 

By Marie-Ève Wedge

Second Prize Winner

Graduate Researcher

University of Ottawa, Canada

Into thin Air

By Marc Berger

Third Prize Winner

Principal Investigator

Paracelsus Medical University, Austria



A Point-of-Care Biosensor for Disease Diagnostics 

By Taylor Mabe

Popular Choice Award Winner

Graduate Researcher

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

How to Isolate Magnetotactic Bacteria

By Ceth Parker

Graduate Researcher

University of Akron, USA

A Tool for Farmers to Detect Mastitis 

Luca Manzardo

Graduate Researcher

University of Padova, Italy

Citizen Science in the Salish Sea

By Stefania Gorgopa

Graduate Researcher

University of Victoria, Canada

How to Fight Corrosion With Nanotechnology?

By Maido Merisalu


University of Tartu, Estonia

Novel Wound Assessment 

By Emily Lewis

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Resolving Landscape Carbon Fluxes

Jackie Webb

Graduate Researcher

Southern Cross University, Australia

Top 15 Critically-Acclaimed Videos from JoVE’s Film Your Research Contest

Here we present the critically acclaimed videos from the contest, selected by our jury, among hundreds of applications. We encourage our readers to share their favorite videos from the list on social media using the hashtag #FilmYourResearch and tagging @JoVEJournal.


Cell Free System: How to Use

By Saimrunali Dadigala

Undergraduate Researcher

Boston University, USA


Identifying Your Backyard 

By Aaron Fairweather

Graduate Researcher

University of Guelph, Canada


Time and Motion

By Katrina Stime

Graduate Researcher

University of Washington School of Medicine, USA


Co-design - A Case Example of Brussels Sprouts

By Amy Chan

Postdoctoral Researcher

UCL School of Pharmacy, London


TickBot: How to kill ticks and make friends 

By Alexis White

Graduate Researcher

Old Dominion University, USA


Story on Bacterial Cellulose 

By Anna May-Masnou

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Spain


Studying the Mechanisms of Food Allergy

By Roopali Chaudhary

Postdoctoral Researcher

McMaster University, Canada

Life in Color: Photochromism All Around Us 

By Natalia Shustova

Assistant Professor

University of South Carolina, USA


Western Blot Buddies and the Journey for Answers 

By Sheera Rosenbaum

Graduate Researcher

Thomas Jefferson University, USA


One Simple Trick to Avoid the Jab Science Rap

By Jonathan Wei

Graduate Researcher

University of Queensland, Australia


SPAD Meter to Measure Chlorophyll Content 

By Shuresh Ghimire

Graduate Researcher

Washington State University, USA


Eyevolution: Looking Beyond Short-Sightedness

By Philip Turnbull

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Auckland, New Zealand


Summer Soil Sampling in the South

By Phoebe Ferguson

Undergraduate Researcher

Furman University, USA


A Tool to Prevent Coral leaching!

By Alejandro Tagliafico

Graduate Researcher

Southern Cross University, Australia


DNA: Repairing the Damage 

By Nicole Nunez

Graduate Researcher

University of California, USA



Congratulations to all these early career scientists for showcasing their research via these cool videos!

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