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JoVE in the High School Classroom The science faculty and library staff at Conrad Weiser High School in Pennsylvania are using JoVE Science Education to better teach fundamental lab skills.
Video Brings Key Concepts To Life JoVE Core: Bio brings biology to life through concise and easy-to-understand animated video lessons that explain key concepts in biology.
Video Is Ideal For STEM Instruction "There is really no learning curve, the videos are easy to use, they teach the materials in depth. They're particularly good for visual learners." - John Siefert, Science Teacher Conrad Weiser High School

Improving STEM Instruction with JoVE Science Education Videos

89% of Students felt more confident about the subject matter after watching JoVE videos.
92% of students felt better prepared for labs using JoVE videos.
96% of students felt that video was helpful to explain difficult core scientific concepts.

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