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Our Co-Founder's ChallengeBecame Our Mission

Over 10,000 Cutting-Edge Video Articles Changing How Science is Done

JoVE is challenging the way science is taught in the classroom by providing secondary teachers and students in the K-12 market space with high quality, up to date, video tools to increase and accelerate concept mastery.

Not only is JoVE the world’s first peer-reviewed scientific video journal, but we’re also breaking new ground with a video textbook that is both video and text based! Now high school teachers can have the latest enhancements in Biology at their fingertips in order to prepare students for their next educational experience.

Those are just a few of the reasons that some of the best ranked high schools in the United States depend on JoVE to maximize productivity, efficiency, and the transfer of knowledge.

Necessity, as they say...

JoVE was born from the same emotion that has led to countless innovations: frustration. Our co-founder and CEO Moshe Pritsker was a young researcher working in a stem cell lab at Princeton. Unable to complete a crucial experiment from text articles alone and without any local colleagues to show him the intricate steps, he was struck with his “Eureka!” moment: why not complement published experiments with a video showing the steps in vivid detail?

Shortly after finishing his Ph.D., he traded a lab coat for a video camera and JoVE was born, changing 450 years of scientific publishing tradition. Now, almost a dozen years later, JoVE remains the first and only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, publishing more than 150 new videos each month.


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