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October, 2006
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Chewing Gum: A preparation of chicle, sometimes mixed with other plastic substances, sweetened and flavored. It is masticated usually for pleasure as a candy substitute but it sometimes acts as a vehicle for the administration of medication.

Assessing Pupil-Linked Changes in Locus Coeruleus-Mediated Arousal Elicited by Trigeminal Stimulation

1Department of Translational Research and of New Surgical and Medical Technologies, University of Pisa, 2Scuola Superiore di Studi e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna, 3Institut des Maladie Neurodégénératives, University of Bordeaux, 4Department of Physics, University of Pisa, 5Department of Surgical, Medical, Molecular Pathology and Critical Care Medicine, University of Pisa, 6Department of Developmental Neuroscience, IRCCS Foundation Stella Maris

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The α-test: Rapid Cell-free CD4 Enumeration Using Whole Saliva

1Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, 2Department of Oral Biology, University of Missouri-Kansas City-School of Dentistry, 3Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Missouri Kansas City- School of Pharmacy, 4Regional Hospital, Bamenda, NWP, Cameroon, 5Mezam Polyclinic HIV/AIDS Treatment Center, Cameroon, 6Institute for Human Genetics and Biochemistry

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