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October, 2006
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Gene Flow: The change in gene frequency in a population due to migration of gametes or individuals (Animal migration) across population barriers. In contrast, in Genetic drift the cause of gene frequency changes are not a result of population or gamete movement.

Hardy-Weinberg & Genetic Drift - Prep Student

JoVE 10620

Mathematical Modeling
Before beginning the mathematical modeling exercise make sure each computer has access to an either on or offline spreadsheet software program.
Simulation for Hardy-Weinberg and Genetic Drift
Prepare one set of beads for each pair of students by counting out 50 of one color and then …

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Hardy-Weinberg & Genetic Drift - Student Protocol

JoVE 10560

Class Simulation
Begin by opening a new spreadsheet file. Following the Hardy-Weinberg equation where p is the frequency of a dominant allele A in a population, and q is defined as the frequency of a recessive allele B, input frequency p of allele A into cell B2, and frequency q of allele B into cell B3.
Assign the value 0.5 to cell C2.

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Hardy-Weinberg & Genetic Drift- Concept

JoVE 10559

Evolutionary change is interesting and important to study, but changes in populations occur over long periods of time and in huge physical spaces and are therefore very difficult to measure. In general, studying phenomena like this requires the use of mathematical models which are built using parameters that can be conveniently measured. These models are then used to make predictions about how …

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