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Methods and Applications in Parasitic Plant Research

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Methods Collections
Methods and Applications in Parasitic Plant Research

Guest Editors
Luiza Teixeira-Costa

Harvard University Herbaria

Dr. Luiza Teixeira-Costa is a botanist broadly interested in morphological and evolutionary plant development, and in the …

Collection Overview

Parasitic flowering plants represent 1% of all extant angiosperms, and exhibit a wide diversity of life histories, growth forms, and host interactions. Due to both their positive and negative impacts on ecological communities, parasitic plants are often recognized as keystone species and ecosystem engineers. These factors have transformed them into fascinating models for studying aspects of plant physiology, ecology, and development. However, the heavily modified biology and structures of these plants often requires researchers to adapt standard methods and create new approaches that are more suitable for parasitic plant research. In this context, this collection invites researchers to submit innovative methods and applications related to the multiple areas of Plant Science that converge into the study of parasitic plants. Contributions are expected from, but not limited to, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, physiology, and weed management.




What Can Host Plants Tell us about the Presence of Parasites?

Peter Tóth*1
1Associated professor at University

Best practices to prepare specimens of parasitic plants and preserve samples suitable for genomic studies

Marcos A. Caraballo-Ortiz*1
1Smithsonian Institution, Department of Botany, Washington, DC, USA

A new environmental-friendly system to control mistletoes plants in trees

Guillermo Angeles*1, Ramón Abarca-Culhuac 2, Gregório Ceccantini3
1Instituto de Ecologia, A.C., 2Independet professional, 3Dept. Botânica, Instituto de Biociências, Universidade de São Paulo. SP, Brazil.

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