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Current Methods in Air Pollution Research

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Methods Collections
Current Methods in Air Pollution Research

Guest Editors
Cuiqing Liu

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Dr. Cuiqing Liu is a professor of environmental toxicology at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University School of Public…

Collection Overview

More recent observations provide additional links between chronic exposure to environmental factors in the air (particulate matters, organic substances, metals, et al.) and propensity to diseases, including the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, metabolic system, neural system, et al. Given the exceptional confluence of high amounts of airborne contaminants in urbanized environments, this issue is critical. Although multiple studies have been performed in animal models and cells, and techniques in the laboratory have significantly progressed over the past decade, such information is scattered and unavailable for access. This collection aims to demonstrate standard protocols for the induction of air pollution models in vivo and in vitro, show the systematic evaluation of air pollution-induced toxic effects in different systems, and provide access to existing methods for air pollution research.

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