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Methods Collections

Multi-modal Analytics in Energy Storage

Collection Overview

Energy storage is a critical enabler for vehicle electrification and renewable energy integration into the electric grid. Primary challenges in lithium based intercalation (Li-ion) and conversion (e.g., Li-S) chemistries continue to remain in energy and power density trade-off, life and safety. These energy storage systems consist of coupled physical processes at disparate spatio-temporal scales in porous electrodes, including species and charge transport in the solid and electrolyte phases, electrochemical reaction at active interfaces, heat generation and thermal transport, chemical reactions, and transport-mechanics manifestation. In recent years, there has been significant emphasis and progress in experimentally examining such coupled processes at different scales. This JoVE Methods Collection seeks contributions in multi-modal analytics, including but not limited to, electrochemical, spectroscopic, microscopic and tomographic analysis and diagnostics to examine coupled physicochemical processes in energy storage (e.g. Li-ion, and beyond Li-ion chemistries including Li-S, Li-air, Mg-ion, Na-ion, K-ion) systems.

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