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3D Models in Pediatric Cancers

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Methods Collections
3D Models in Pediatric Cancers

Guest Editors
Zoë Walters

University of Southampton

Dr Zoë Walters is a Lecturer in Translational Epigenomics within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of…

Maria Vinci

Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital-Pediatric High-Grade Glioma Group

Dr Maria Vinci obtained her Master degree in Biology at the University of Bari, Italy, in 2002 and soon after she joined…

Collection Overview

Pediatric cancers, whilst relatively rare, are the most common cause of death in children. Recent advances in genomic technologies and drug discovery have led to novel therapeutic strategies for some types of pediatric cancer, but for others, the treatment options remain limited and prognosis poor. In order to develop and test new treatment strategies, there is a need for more accurate models of these cancers. However, tissue is extremely difficult to obtain and as such, generating patient-derived models can be extremely challenging. Traditional 2D cell-line cultures lack several aspects of 3D organization found in patient tumors. Recent advances in tissue culture technologies have led to the ability to utilize current cell line models and limited patient-derived material to generate more accurate, 3D models. This collection aims to showcase the recent advances in generating and manipulating 3D models of pediatric cancers, including tumor spheroids, organoids, ex vivo cultures, and organ-on-chip, as well as methods for image-analysis and phenotypic quantification. The overall goal is to advance our understanding of these tumors and establish the right tools to test novel therapeutic strategies with more predictive power.  

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