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Methods Collections

Molecular and cellular methods to study neuron development

Collection Overview

The proper development of the brain requires multiple developmental events that eventually establish a balanced network of excitatory and inhibitory neurons that work in tandem with glia. Disruptions in molecular and cellular events during development are hypothesized to underlie some symptoms of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy. However, much is still unknown about how different types of neurons are generated, assume their mature identity and establish a balance of excitation/inhibition by adulthood. 

This proposed collection will present methods aimed at the study of neurons during developmental stages, with a focus on molecular and cellular assays. The ability to manipulate neurons at the molecular/genetic/cellular level is a valuable toolkit that has increased relevance with the advent of large-scale genomic data that need to be validated in model systems. Overall, these methods will provide a rich resource of novel and validated approaches that will enhance the study of developmental neuroscience.  


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