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Multi-parametric flow cytometry applications

Collection Overview

Flow cytometry combines the dynamism and the versatility for a wide range of phenotypic and functional characterization of cells and molecules.. Flow cytometry plays vital role in clinical discovery which is exemplified in the areas of immunological research, hematological analysis, and oncology.

The evolution of flow cytometry is associated with improvements in the development of optical systems and the incorporation of multiple lasers that enable multi-parametric analysis. These aspects are complemented with the advances in generating monoclonal antibodies and designing fluorochrome tags. The combination of these enhancements can offer newer advantages for investigating intracellular compartments and organelles with in-depth cellular functionality. The intersection of robotics in handling multiple samples and utilizing plate formats, in conjunction with sophisticated algorithms and software, has further enabled rapid high-throughput quantitative analysis and extended flow cytometry applications in the areas of microbiology and drug discovery. 

Recent advances and integrative technologies facilitate flow cytometry with single-cell imaging capabilities that combine the robust features of flow cytometry and high-resolution microscopy. he future of flow cytometry promises clinical advancements in non-invasive diagnostics and prognosis through in vivo flow cytometry. This collection aims to bring together a wide range of flow cytometry-based techniques and applications that are employed in research methodologies and are within the scope of current and future clinical practices.

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