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Methods to Explore Sensorimotor Tasks

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Methods Collections
Methods to Explore Sensorimotor Tasks

Guest Editors
Quanying Liu


Quanying Liu is an assistant professor at SUSTech, Shenzhen, China now, PI of Neural Computing and Control lab. She…

Collection Overview

Sensorimotor tasks involve the process of receiving sensory signals (sensory input) and producing a response (motor output). A variety of sensorimotor tasks have been proposed by researchers to investigate brain functions, such as multisensory integration, sensory learning, and motor control. Deficits in sensorimotor skills are well documented in aging and clinical populations. However, the experimental results of sensorimotor tasks largely rely on the experimental device, platform and set-up, task protocol, data collection, and data analysis. 

This collection aims to collect novel task designs, cutting-edge data analysis methods, and novel applications by recording the details about how to set up a sensorimotor task and how to record the behavioral or biological data in a healthy or clinical population. 

This video collection will have the following benefits: 1) provide a video-based platform to publish methods; 2)facilitate replicability of results; 3)nurture and educate young researchers who are interested in studying sensorimotor systems.



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