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Methods Collections


JoVE Methods Collections facilitate efficient transfer of techniques within research communities, promote standardization and collaboration, and accelerate scientific progress.

  • Each collection will include peer-reviewed video articles highlighting different techniques and their applications, unified under a common scope.
  • Researchers will serve as Guest Editors, defining the topic and curating the Methods Collection to ensure it represents important foundational and emerging methodologies in the field.
  • Methods Collections will each have their own dedicated page on JoVE’s website highlighting the overview and scope of the collection. The web page will also feature the associated video articles, an editorial written by the Guest Editors, and a video of the editorial produced by JoVE.

We invite all interested researchers to contribute to a JoVE Methods Collection. Learn more about Methods Collections currently accepting submissions here. We also invite researchers to propose topics for Methods Collections and take on the role of Guest Editor for their proposed collection. Guest Editors have the opportunity to receive a free publication with JoVE. Proposals for Methods Collections can be submitted here.

Publish in A Collection

You can now showcase your research with JoVE as part of a Methods Collection. This new feature allows you to increase the impact of your research by publishing it as part of a collection of peer-reviewed video articles demonstrating the methods actively used by your research community.

  • To contribute to a Methods Collection, we invite you to submit an abstract. Guest Editors will review all submitted abstracts based on the scope of the collection and, if accepted, you will be invited to submit a manuscript. Abstract submission is not mandatory, but allows you to determine if your work fits the scope of the Methods Collection.
  • To submit a manuscript to a Methods Collection, follow the standard process for a JoVE manuscript submission. In the submission questionnaire, enter the title of the collection you would like your article to be a part of.
  • Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by Guest Editors of the collection, who decide if the manuscript fits the scope of the collection. Manuscripts accepted post peer-review, that do not fit the scope of the Methods Collection, will be published in JoVE as regular video-articles.
  • If you have any questions about publishing in a Methods Collection, email submissions@jove.com.

Be A Guest Editor

Organize a Methods Collection

As a Guest Editor for a JoVE Methods Collection, you will bring together experts in your research community to create a centralized resource that facilitates efficient transfer of techniques. You will have the opportunity to organize a set of detailed video protocols to promote standardization and collaboration, enhance reproducibility, and accelerate progress in your field of research.

  • When organizing your collection, you will define the collection’s scope by selecting important foundational and emerging techniques in your area of research.
  • Once your Methods Collection is complete, you will write an editorial on the collection’s topic which will be published in JoVE as part of the collection and indexed in PubMed/Medline, Web of Science, SciFinder, and Scopus.
  • JoVE will produce a video of the editorial for your Methods Collection.
  • You will receive a free publication with JoVE if at least 5 articles are submitted to your Methods Collection and reach peer-review. This free JoVE publication can be used by your own lab or given to another research group.

JoVE’s Science Editors will guide you through the process of organizing and managing a Methods Collection. External peer-review of the manuscripts and the video production will be coordinated by JoVE. Each Methods Collection can have a maximum of 4 Guest Editors.

Submitting a proposal

Guest Editors choose a topic for the Methods Collection and submit a proposal to JoVE (250-word limit). Proposals can be submitted here. The proposal must provide a broad overview of the scope of the collection, as well as the range of techniques that the collection will feature. JoVE is interested in publishing novel methods, innovative applications of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols.

Managing a Methods Collection

Upon approval of the proposal, Guest Editors will invite authors to participate in the Methods Collection. Guest Editors will receive instructions on how to issue a call for participation and manage the collection.

Manuscripts submitted to the Methods Collection will be initially reviewed by the Guest Editors and approved for inclusion in the collection. After acceptance of the manuscripts post peer-review, JoVE’s team will carry out the scripting, filming, and post-production work. The articles will be published in JoVE and indexed in PubMed/Medline, Web of Science, SciFinder, and Scopus.

Finalizing a Methods Collection

Each Methods Collection will be open for manuscript submissions for 4 months from the initial publication of the proposal. Articles will be published as soon as they complete the video production process: articles will not be held back for publication in a single issue. To be published in JoVE, a collection must consist of at least 5 published articles. An editorial written by the Guest Editors, as well as a video of the editorial produced by JoVE will be included in every published collection.

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