JoVE Methods Collection

JoVE Methods Collections facilitate efficient transfer of techniques within research communities, promote standardization and collaboration, and accelerate scientific progress.

  • Each collection will include peer-reviewed video articles highlighting different techniques and their applications, unified under a common scope.
  • Researchers will serve as Guest Editors, defining the topic and curating the Methods Collection to ensure it represents important foundational and emerging methodologies in the field.
  • Methods Collections will each have their own dedicated page on JoVE’s website highlighting the overview and scope of the collection. The web page will also feature the associated video articles, an editorial written by the Guest Editors, and a video of the editorial produced by JoVE.

We invite all interested researchers to contribute to a JoVE Methods Collection. Learn more about Methods Collections currently accepting submissions here. We also invite researchers to propose topics for Methods Collections and take on the role of Guest Editor for their proposed collection. Guest Editors have the opportunity to receive a free publication with JoVE. Proposals for Methods Collections can be submitted here.