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Affiliation: Texas Tech University, Center for Biotechnology and Genomics, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Yehia Mechref received his BS in Chemistry at the American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, and a PhD with an honorable mention in Analytical Chemistry at the Oklahoma State University with Professor Ziad El Rassi. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University where he worked with Dr. Milos V. Novotny. Dr. Yehia Mechref is currently a Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor and Chairperson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University. Dr. Mechref is also the Director of the Texas Tech University Center for Biotechnology and Genomics.

Dr. Mechref’s research is focused on the biological applications of mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry, including the structural characterization of glycans and glycopeptides. His research efforts are focused on the development of sensitive biomolecular mass spectrometry methods that enable qualitative and quantitative assessments of the roles of proteins, glycoproteins, and glycans in biological systems. Dr. Mechref’s work to date has resulted in 187 peer-reviewed publications, 29 review articles, 15 book chapters, and 11 patents. In addition to serving on the ASMS program committee, Dr. Mechref has chaired sessions on carbohydrates, glycomics, and glycoproteomics at several ASMS conferences. In 2009 and from 2012-2019, he has organized various ASMS workshops. Dr. Mechref has organized and co-organized numerous symposia at Pittcon, and, in 2014, he co-organized with Dr. Carlito Lebrilla the ASMS Asilomar Conference titled, “Glycomics and Glycoproteomics: New Methods and Applications” (October 10-14, Asilomar, CA).

Dr. Mechref is a member of the editorial boards of several journals. He is currently a standing member of the NIH Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies (EBIT) study section panel and has chaired, co-chaired, and participated as an ad-hoc reviewer for over 35 NIH study section panels. Dr. Mechref is currently the co-chair of the steering committee of the NCI Alliance of Glycobiologists for Cancer Research. Dr. Mechref is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2019 TTU President’s Academic Achievement Award, the 2019 TTU Nancy J. Bell Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award, the 2016 Barnie E. Rushing Jr. Faculty Distinguished Research Award, and the 2015 Barnie E. Rushing Jr. Faculty Outstanding Research Award.

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