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Methods Collections > Skull base surgery - One of the most demanding disciplines in neurosurgery

Ardian Hana

Affiliation: University of Brussels

Doctor Ardian Hana is a consultant neurosurgeon at the Free University of Brussels (Université libre de Bruxelles / ULB) in Brussels, Belgium. His research is focused on neurosurgical oncology and diffusion tensor imaging in neurosurgical interventions. After finishing his medical studies at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, he worked in many West European countries like Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Germany. During this time he published many papers especially on the use of diffusion  tensor imaging (DTI) during neurosurgical operations. The use of DTI might help the neurosurgeons avoid damage in patients with different lesions in eloquent areas of the brain. For his work in this field he was awarded the Junior Scientific Excellence Prize in Luxembourg. Furthermore he was invited to chair a session at the European Skull Base Society in Berlin in 2016. Since his arrival in Brussels in September 2018 he has been continuing his work on neurosurgical oncology especially in lesions concerning the skull base.

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