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Faezeh Monji

Affiliation: Tehran Azad University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Faezeh Monji is a research fellow at the department of clinical pharmacy, Tehran Azad University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, supervising the dispensing classes and clinical pharmacy tutorial. She received her Pharm. D from Tehran Azad University and Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology from the National University of Singapore in 2017 with a full scholarship awarded by the Singapore government.

Her research is focused on developing a novel therapeutic agent from natural plant extract to prevent premature labor and also induce labor including, isolation of the active compounds, evaluation of bio-activity and underlying molecular mechanism in vitro and evaluation of target fraction or compound in vivo using advanced techniques like radio-telemetry, to measure intrauterine pressure in freely moving animals in response to the isolated compound. She also worked in the pharmaceutical sector as a pharmaceutical R&D consultant.


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