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Christopher Grant

Affiliation: Juniata College

Dr. Christopher J. Grant is a biologist who has spent the last twenty years conducting research to help conserve aquatic ecosystems and native fish populations in the Northeast United States. Dr. Grant is most interested in the nexus of environmental toxicology, ecomorphology, and genomics related to freshwater systems. He is currently an assistant professor of Biology at Juniata College, where he enjoys engaging undergraduate students in hands-on research.  During his time at Juniata, Dr. Grant has included over 50 student co-authors on 16 peer-reviewed publications (e.g. Ecotoxicology, Environmental Science and Technology, Scientific REPORTS, Frontiers in Microbiology, and Transaction of the American Fisheries Society). Dr. Grant has received over 30 major grants, with support from a diverse group of state and federal government branches as well as private foundations. Dr. Grant began studying biology as an undergraduate at Messiah College and received a Master’s degree in Fisheries Science at Penn State.  Dr. Grant then worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service leading stream restoration efforts for four years, before going on to earn a Ph.D. from Penn State studying mercury bioaccumulation in aquatic ecosystems.  Dr. Grant’s ultimate hope is to conduct research centered around pressing environmental issues that will help aid in the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and native fish populations.

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