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Affiliation: Nanjing Forestry University, College of Forestry, Collaborative Innovation Center of Sustainable Forestry

As a "highly cited scholar" of Elsevier, Li Yan presided over six projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation youth fund and the 2020 Jiangsu "entrepreneurship and innovation plan" talent project, including one at the national level and two at the provincial and ministerial levels. In December 2021, he won the excellent paper award of Jiangsu soil and water conservation society. He serves as the International Sci source coatings and the International Journal of environmental research and Public Health Journal (guest editor). At the same time, he also served as a peer reviewer of international journals such as Environmental science and technology, Science of The Total Environment, Journal of Hazardous materials, Environmental Pollution, Water Research, Catena, Land Degradation and Development, Chemosphere, Quaternary Science Reviews (QSR) and Journal of Environmental Management. So far, 34 SCI papers have been published, and the first author has published 15 SCI papers.

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