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Angelo Basteris

Affiliation: Mærsk McKinney Møller Instituttet - Syddansk Universitet

Angelo Basteris is an Assistant Professor with the Health Informatics and Technology Center at Mærsk McKinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark - Syddansk Universitet (Odense, Denmark). His research area is rehabilitation engineering, with a particular focus on physical human-robot interaction and movement analysis. At Universita’degli Studi di Genova (Italy), he developed - together with Prof. Vittorio Sanguineti - protocols for movement analysis of wheelchair propulsion, a Kinect-based exercise for people with Parkinson’s Disease, and a tailored robot-mediated exercise for people with multiple sclerosis. He also worked on robotic devices for people with stroke. In the European SCRIPT project (University of Hertfordshire, UK), he developed an adaptive system that allowed chronic stroke patients to control computer games by using a robotic glove that assisted wrist and hand movements. At Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) he used a robot for wrist rehabilitation for people with stroke and orthopedic injuries (WristBot) for proprioceptive assessment of people with acute stroke. Finally, he also worked on the development of technology for people with whiplash-associated disorder and neck pain at Griffith University (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia). There, he used head tracking software for developing a web-based version of the neck joint position sense test and a tool for physiotherapists to predict the likelihood of their patients developing moderate/severe disability or experiencing full recovery following whiplash injury.

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