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Methods Collections > Behavioral and chemical ecology approaches in the study of plant-insect and multitrophic interactions

Tolulope Morawo

Affiliation: Auburn University

Dr. Tolulope Morawo received his Ph.D. in entomology from Auburn University in 2017 under Dr. Henry Fadamiro and started his post-doctoral research with the same advisor in 2018. Dr. Morawo’s broad research interests are in insect behavior, plant-insect interactions, chemical ecology, biological control, and integrated pest management. He uses a combination of different chemical ecology techniques to study tritrophic interactions among plants, pest insects and natural enemy species. During his graduate and postdoctoral research, he investigated the mechanisms of olfaction and responses of braconid parasitoids to plant and herbivore-related semiochemicals. Dr. Morawo will join the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor in April 2020, where his research will focus on the biological control of invasive arthropods affecting agricultural and natural landscapes.

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