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Methods Collections > New techniques and approaches for the assessment or intervention in learning disabilities and ADHD

Celestino Rodríguez

Affiliation: Department of Psychology. University of Oviedo

Celestino, PhD in Psychology and Education (Oviedo, Spain) is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Vice-dean at Faculty of Teaching Training and Education (University of Oviedo) Spain. His main research areas include learning disabilities and ADHD, learning assessment, academic achievement, learning strategies, gifted children, SRL (Self-regulated learning), ICTs, higher education, CBLEs (Computer Based Learning Environments), metacognition, dynamic hypermedia learning environments, , etc. He is author of more than 110 papers in peer-review international journals, around 30 chapters and collaboration in Education, Psychology and Higher Education books and handbooks. Celestino Rodríguez has made several contributions in national and international conferences with more than 150 participations in International congress (USA, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Portugal….). He has collaborated with researchers from different countries, such as England, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States of America through different research, projects and research stays. Also, he is Editor of different Journals and member of the International Association of Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD)

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