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Methods Collections > Current methods for membrane receptor probing in the vascular system

Diogo Fonseca

Affiliation: Laboratory of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Care, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra

Dr. Diogo Fonseca received his MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2011 and his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with a specialization in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy. In 2017, Dr. Diogo joined the Faculty of Pharmacy, at the University of Coimbra. During his Ph.D., he studied arterial reactivity and histomorphology of the internal thoracic artery (also known as an internal mammary artery) in human samples and the correlation between these findings and the patients’ clinical profile, including cardiovascular risk factors and medication. Since 2009, he has also worked with vascular receptors, studying the interaction of plant extracts and ecstasy with vascular adrenergic and serotonergic receptors, respectively. Currently, he is an Invited Assistant Professor at the same Faculty and is further developing the research themes that have been his primary focus.

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