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Methods Collections > New frontiers for the production of bioactive ingredients by plant in vitro technologies

Christophe Hano

Affiliation: University of Orléans

Dr. Christophe Hano, completed his PhD in 2005 of the University of Orléans under the supervision of Pr. Lainé. He is now Assistant Professor at the University of Orleans at the Research laboratory of Woody Plant and Crops Biology (INRA USC1328) and Member of the Cosm’ACTIFS Research Group (GDR3711 CNRS). Throughout his research career, Dr Hano, focused on specialized plant metabolisms and plant biotechnology. He has published more than 75 research articles, reviews and book chapters in internationally renowned journals and edited several Journal special issues on secondary metabolism and lignans. At present, he currently develops research projects aimed at studying the specialized metabolism of plants leading to the production of natural products with interests for pharmacology or cosmetics. His work focuses on the elucidation of biosynthetic mechanisms of plant natural products (phenylpropanoids in particular) and their exploitation by metabolic engineering approaches. He is coordinating research programs in collaboration with industrial companies and is involved in a European Consortium Action (Cosmenovic) on the bioproduction of plant cosmetic compounds in plant in vitro system. He is also coordinating research programs on the production via plant cell cultures of active extracts for cosmetic applications. In this context, he explores the potential of Loire Valley Region flora for cosmetic applications. Dr Christophe Hano is currently Member of scientific council of the Cosmetic Valley network and a member of the Ligue contre le Cancer Council (“Comité 28”). He is an active reviewer for hundreds of journals in plant science, secretary of the French Society for Plant Secondary Metabolism (Meta-SP) and member of the Polyphenols Group and Phytochemical Society of Europe.

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