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Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles Iglesias

Affiliation: Grup de recerca FEHM (Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management), Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals, Universitat de Barcelona

I am an ecologists working to assess the impact of human activities on aquatic biodiversity and ecosystems (e.g. the distribution and coexistence of species, the dispersal of organisms, the modification of key ecosystem functions such as organic matter processing) by combining a wide variety of methods (e.g. biomarkers, ecological modelling, geographical information systems, species’ ecological traits). My research has involved studies from the population to the ecosystem level, combining field studies with laboratory assays and mesocosm experiments.  The primary goal of my career has been to have a significant positive impact on society through scientific research. I have worked with industry, government departments, professional bodies and other stakeholders in coping with major environmental challenges, including droughts, eutrophication, habitat degradation, landscape fragmentation and water pollution. I have worked on science dissemination and I have used my research results to guide management decisions and restoration projects. Given that global environmental challenges will require integrated solutions, I have put special efforts into combining different disciplines (my co-authors belong to a wide variety of fields like chemistry, ecology, economics, engineering, geology or social sciences). I have worked at Oregon State University (USA), Universidade do Algarve (Portugal), Universitat de Vic and Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), where I currently hold a postdoctoral position as a member of the FEHM-Lab.

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