Directions for submission:

If you have been invited to submit a manuscript by a JoVE editor, please click the submission links included in the emails you have received.

1) Register and Login: Visit the JoVE submission site.

  1. If you are a returning user or have been pre-registered by your editor, log in with the credentials previously provided.
  2. If you have not been registered, please click Register Now. Do not register a 2nd time. You may change your username and password after logging in by clicking Update My Information located below the JoVE logo.

2) Submit New Manuscript: Click the Submit New Manuscript link to start a new submission.

3) Select Article Type:

  1. Most articles will be a Video Produced by JoVE.
  2. If you select the Video Produced by Author option, please ensure you have the capabilities to produce a professional quality video that follows these guidelines.  Also, when you submit the written portion of your manuscript, please include a low resolution (<50 MB) version of your video.

4) Enter Title: Please type the full title of your article (150-character maximum). Please use proper capitalization and do not use all caps.

5) Add/Edit/Remove Authors:

  1. Add any co-authors. Be sure to include all required information. If you do not include all required information at this step, then you will not be able to complete the final submission.
  2. The corresponding author for submission is not necessarily the same as the corresponding author for the manuscript. This author(s) should be the one responsible for communicating with the editorial office during the publication process.
  3. If you mark an author (besides yourself) as the corresponding author, all correspondence about the submission and review process will go to this person. If you choose this, your submission will disappear from your account and you will not be able to continue until the new corresponding author logs in to Editorial Manager and approves the submission.

6) Select Section/Category (optional): Choose the Journal section that you believe best represents your work. JoVE reserves the right to publish a manuscript in a section different from that which the author indicates.

7) Submit abstract: 150-word minimum, 300-word maximum (this should be your long abstract). Please ensure that this abstract is also present in your manuscript.

8) Enter Keywords: Please enter keywords, separated by semicolons, which describe your manuscript. These can be techniques, model organisms or other terms to specify the scope of your manuscript. These will help us assign reviewers. You will be able to select codified classifications in the next step.

9) Select Classifications (optional): Click the Select Classifications button to choose codified classifications. Please use the Search function to find the terms that best describe your work.

10) Additional Information: Please provide us with a bit of additional information about the manuscript.

11) Enter Comments (optional): If there are any questions or comments that have not been addressed on our Publish page, in our Manuscript Instructions for Authors, or in correspondence with an editor, please include them here.

12) Suggest Reviewers: Please suggest at least 6 academically qualified reviewers to help review your manuscript. This will expedite the review process. However, we cannot ensure your suggested reviewers will be selected to review your manuscript. Please do not include this list in your manuscript.

13) Oppose Reviewers (optional): If there is anyone you do not want to review your manuscript, please provide their basic information and a short reason. Please do not include this list in your manuscript.

14) Request Editor: If you have been in contact with a JoVE editor, please select them from the pull down menu. This will ensure that the correct editor is assigned to your manuscript. If you have not been in contact with an editor, please select No Request. Your manuscript will then be assigned to an editor, and they will be in contact with you once assignment has occurred.

15) Attach Files: Please choose the item to be attached from the dropdown Item box. Items marked with an asterisk are required for upload. Please follow the guidelines in our Manuscript Instructions for Authors concerning accepted file types.

  1. The ‘Author License Agreement’ is required for publication, and can be signed, scanned and uploaded here (this is preferred), faxed, or mailed directly to JoVE. Instructions are located at the bottom of the document.
  2. When attaching figures, please add the figure number and name in the 'Description' column before uploading. Please ensure that the ‘Figure Number’ and ‘Table Number’ fields only contain numbers characters (1,2,3…etc).

16) Ensure all required items are attached and information included: If you have missed a submission item or a piece of required information, you will not be able to complete the submission process. There will be red text indicating which step has missing information. Navigate back to that step and enter the missing information (You may click on the left hand menu to navigate more quickly). After this information is input, navigate back to the Attach Files page.

17) Change Attachment Order (optional): If you wish to change the order of the article items (they will be built into a PDF for editorial and reviewer viewing in this order), Enter a number and hit enter. This is most relevant for figures uploaded out of order

18) Build PDF: Once all information has been input and files attached, click the Build PDF for Author Approval button.

19) View Submission: Once the PDF is built, go to Action Links on the left hand side of the screen and click View Submission (open the file and make sure that all files are attached and displayed correctly). This will be your official submission. Note: At this time, you may receive an automated e-mail requesting that you approve the submission, and you may disregard this e-mail if you proceed to step 21, below.

20) Approve Submission or Edit Submission: After viewing your submission PDF, if all is well, clicking Approve Submission will submit the manuscript to JoVE. If you need to edit the submission, such as adding different files or changing author information, click Edit Submission in the Action Links menu. If you edit the submission, the PDF will need to be rebuilt, and you will need to view it and approve it again before submitting.

Congratulations! You've submitted your manuscript to JoVE, the world's first and only peer-reviewed scientific video journal! Thank you for your submission and the Editorial Team will be in touch very soon!