For UK Authors:

To help UK authors to comply with the RCUK mandate on Open Access, JoVE provides two publication options for UK authors:

  1. The Open Access (OA) Option. The OA fee is $1,800 per article. This corresponds to the RCUK Gold Route.
  2. The Standard Access (SA) Option. SA authors can self-archive their articles after the required embargo period. There are no fees charged for archiving. This corresponds to the RCUK Green Route.

In addition, the video production fee applies to each video produced by JoVE (filmed and edited by JoVE's workforce, not by authors) is $2,400. Therefore, the authors who choose to publish a video article produced by JoVE in Open Access Gold Route will be asked to pay total $4,200 per article ($2,400 video production + $1,800 OA fee).

The Author License Agreement UK is availableĀ here. For further questions, please contact us atĀ

How To Get Started

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Step 3 - Prepare documents

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Author License Agreement UK

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