Why Recommend JoVE?

JoVE will work closely with your academic or medical librarian to bring our video resources to your institution, but ultimately you are the voice your librarian wants to hear. A recommendation from a member of the faculty, a student or a researcher carries immense weight in helping librarians understand how valuable JoVE can be inside the laboratory or classroom.

If you think subscribing to JoVE would be helpful to you, your colleagues or your students, please take the time to fill out a brief recommendation and send it to your librarian. We’ll follow up on your behalf and keep the momentum going, but we would definitely like your help getting started!

Tips for Writing a JoVE Recommendation:

  • Be specific! Tell them exactly why you need JoVE and how it would improve your research and/or your classroom.
  • Explain how much time, money and resources could be saved by bringing JoVE to your institution.
  • Name other colleagues or departments at your institution that would benefit from JoVE.
  • Mention all topics you’d find valuable by name. JoVE Video Journal covers 13 scientific disciplines, and the Science Education Library has seven different series; make sure you request access to everything you’ll need.

Send Recommendation