Boiling Points — Lab Prep

Source: Lara Al Hariri at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA, USA

  1. Preparation of the Laboratory

    Here, we show the laboratory preparation for 10 students working in pairs, with some excess. Please adjust quantities as needed.

    • Put on the necessary personal protective equipment, including a lab coat, chemical splash goggles, and gloves.
    • The students will need to use both acetone and ethanol in their experiment. Label a glass bottle with the solvent name, and then pour a smaller volume of solvent from the stock bottle into the glass bottle, ensuring that there is enough for each group to have about 1 mL. Do the same for the other solvent and then place these bottles in a communal hood.
    • Set out the following glassware and equipment at each student lab station (we suggest that students work in pairs):
       1    Lab stand
       1    Hotplate
       1    Lab jack
       1    Rubber band
       1    Medium 3-prong clamp
       3-4    Glass capillary tubes
       1    Pipette bulb
       2    1-mL volumetric pipettes
       2    Glass test tubes
       1    250-mL beaker
       1    25-mL beaker
       1    Digital thermometer