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October, 2006
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Optimal Foraging - Prep Student

JoVE 10644

Setting up the Foraging Habitat Patches
Print a student data collection sheet for each student to record data. NOTE: Students will work in groups of three for this activity. For any given round, one student will forage, one student will record data and another student will run the stopwatch.
Choose a location for the foraging activity to take…

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Climate Change - Prep Student

JoVE 10642

Preparation for the Ice Melt, Greenhouse Gas, and Species Range Activities
To prepare for the exercise, first print enough data recording tables for students in each group. NOTE: Activities one and two can be done simultaneously, each by half of the class broken up into groups of two to four students, or by all students if desired.
If the class…

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Species Distribution and Biogeography - Prep Student

JoVE 10639

Simulating Colonization and Extinction on Islands
Find a table or desk with a cleared space of at least two meters in front of it in one direction. This will be the area where colonizer Ping-Pong balls are thrown into the island cups on the desk.
Label six red cups from 1 - 6 with a permanent marker. Then label six blue cups in the same manner.…

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Animal Diversity- Concept

JoVE 10637

Kingdom Animalia is composed of a range of organisms united by a set of common characteristics. Barring a few exceptions, animals are multicellular eukaryotes that move, consume organic matter, and reproduce sexually. Although these attributes are shared, species within this kingdom are also extremely diverse. This diversity is due to adaptation of each species to a different niche. The niche…

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Cell Structure - Prep Student

JoVE 10631

Visualizing Onion and Cheek Cells
Immediately before the experiment, wash and peel onion bulbs for the class.
Remove the entire brown outer skin and cut the onion in half with a knife. Pull apart the layers of the onion. The thin, nearly transparent film layers within the onion will be used by the students.
Place the onion film into a Petri…

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Bacterial Transformation - Prep Student

JoVE 10627

Bacterial Transformation
First, ensure that each student or student group has a filled ice bucket.
Then, set up a tube rack for each work station.
Into the tube racks, place two empty, sterile 1.5 mL tubes, and then two one mL aliquots of SOC media.
Then, place the plasmid tube into the ice bucket and add two tubes of…

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Cellular Respiration - Prep Student

JoVE 10624

Quantifying Respiration using Microrespirometers
To assemble the microrespirometers needed for the lab, first plug in the hot glue gun to preheat it.
Push the plunger of a tuberculin syringe all the way in and then cut the end off of the syringe.
Next, insert a capillary tube into the empty needle end of the syringe.
Push the capillary …

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Evolutionary Relationships - Prep Student

JoVE 10621

Using BLAST to Test Evolutionary Hypotheses
Open the BLAST website on each computer that the students will be using.
Navigate to the provided link to find the chicken, alligator, and zebra finch gene sequences. NOTE: These gene sequences…

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Genetics of Organisms - Prep Student

JoVE 10619

REF and WEF Fly Genetics
To prepare for the experiment, be sure to obtain cultures of Drosophila melanogaster at least two weeks ahead of the planned experiment day. NOTE: Because adult females store sperm after mating, you will need this time to generate virgin females by breeding the flies.
You should get two stock cultures: wildtype,…

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Group Behavior- Concept

JoVE 10611

Life in a Population

Organisms in populations interact with one another in complex ways, where individuals compete for resources such as food, shelter, and mates. These interactions are costly since individuals invest energy to acquire the resource, therefore there are a variety of strategies that organisms adopt to gain an advantage over their competitors. This is observed clearly with…

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