Why Do Institutions Subscribe to JoVE?

Most JoVE Scientific Video Articles Are Exclusively Available to Subscribers

Publishing a scientific video demands a great deal of expertise and I.T. specialization in addition to the peer review and editorial process that traditional text-only publishers employ. Creating and publishing a scientific video article requires an intensive, professionally performed video production, editing, animating, and post-production process that transforms a groundbreaking manuscript into an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand scientific resource. To ensure that the videos you gain through JoVE are always at the level of quality that you deserve, the institutional subscription model was put in place. To learn more about this decision and a variety of other common questions about JoVE, visit our FAQ page.

It's Your Institution, That’s Why We Customize Your Subscription

The world of scientific research and education is constantly expanding and evolving. We work hard to do the same.

JoVE now offers two distinct resources with endless customizable subscription choices between all the different video sections and science education video collections available today.

  • The JoVE Journal features video demonstrations of advanced science experiments filmed in research laboratories of the leading academic institutions in the world. It helps researchers, faculty, Ph.D. students, post-docs, technicians, and scientific personnel to achieve more productivity, efficiency, reproducibility, and success in their own research.
  • The JoVE Science Education video database features videos demonstrating essential scientific concepts and experimental methods. It helps educators, teaching professors, instructors, and students who study at the undergraduate level to more efficiently and more consistently learn the precise methodologies used in practical scientific research environments.

Between these two tools, students, faculty, researchers, and scientists of all levels and concentrations are sure to find value in a JoVE subscription.

When you fill out the form to the right, you have the opportunity to specifically tailor your institutions subscription to the fields of study and level of education that your users will benefit the most from, saving you from unused resources and unnecessary expenses!

A JoVE Subscription Brings Proven Benefits to Institutions Everywhere

We are proud to say that all around the world universities, colleges, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government institutes, government agencies, and high schools subscribe to the JoVE Journal and the JoVE Science Education Video Database!

These institutions have seen enormous benefits through a JoVE subscription including:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in research and teaching work
  • Improved student engagement and success rates
  • A better resource for training, comprehension, and replication
  • More efficient learning of complex and intricate methodologies
  • Increased reproducibility of findings
  • Time, budget, and resource preservation

For examples of these benefits take a quick look at some of these generous testimonials:

"I've been doing research for 20 years and having JoVE makes things so much easier. You can educate yourself on research other scientists are doing around you and get familiarized with a technique before you try it." - Dr. Theresa Casey, Purdue University

"It took us 2 weeks instead of 1 year to learn a new surgery technique published in JoVE." - Dr. Leonard Khiroug, University of Helsinki

"Methods are complex and can only partially be described in words. Seeing the method performed immediately provides a wealth of information to the viewer. This information conveys a realistic idea of how the method is done, what is needed to do it, and helps the viewer analyze how they should proceed." - Dr. Michele Calos, Stanford University

"Initially it took multiple tries, whereas now when we teach this technique with the JoVE video we have a success rate between 90 to 100 percent." - Dr. Carrie Northcott, Michigan State University

"Instead of trying to learn a technique from the literature for 6 months, new researchers can master the method in a few days. As such, everything is streamlined with JoVE." - Jeanette Moore, University of Alaska- Fairbanks

More testimonials available on our Testimonials Page.

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